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Cathy was fabulous!  She was knowledgeable, patient, kind, energetic - the list can go on and on!  One thing we truly appreciated (as buyers) is that she didn't just try to sell us a house - she tried to sell us the home that was right for us!  She is truly wonderful!  I would use her services over and over (but hopefully not for 30+ yrs) and would recommend her to everyone we know!


- Beth Engel & James Fuentes (Buyers)


We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. You are very thorough and reliable, and you very promptly addressed all issues, concerns, and questions. Your availability was outstanding. Your judgment and savvy were very impressive. It was truly a pleasure working with you! Thanks for everything.

- Dan Crandall, Kristina Lola (Buyers)

Great! Organized, very professional, we relied on her advice and knowledge of the market.  Having tried to sell by owner - we felt this is a much better way to go.


- Tom & Elaine Layden (Sellers)

Cathy was wonderful. Very knowledgeable, personable, professional, non-pushy. We felt very fortunate to find her.

- Susan & John Buzzelli (Buyers)

Cathy was proactive, positive and professional. We sold our home while living overseas which required additional insights and special requests. She was quick to respond to our needs. We also felt she had great insight/advice regarding the market and in working with the buyer’s agent & attorney. She was better than excellent and we would highly recommend her to others. Thanks for everything Cathy!

- Paul & Jane Pasin (Sellers)

We had a great experience. We felt that Cathy really understood what we were looking for. In addition Cathy was always easily reached and would follow up on requests very quickly. We really felt she provided excellent service and advice.

- Mark and Debby Shapland (Buyers)

Dear Cathy,

Thanks for all of your patience in coaching us through the home-buying and selling process. Your experience was an invaluable asset and helped make the whole experience a little less nerve-racking. You’re an oasis of calm!

Thank you again for everything!

- Christine & Greg (Buyers & Sellers)

We were very impressed with Cathy’s effectiveness as a selling agent. We were also overwhelmingly impressed with her professionalism, knowledge of the market and personalized service. Through the whole process, Cathy did her job with a sense of grace and friendliness that made the process easy. We would recommend her to anyone and hope our words add to Cathy’s already strong reputation for excellence.

- Eric and Gwynn Harshman (Sellers)

We first called Cathy for an interview based on reputation.  We selected her as our agent because we were impressed with her overall knowledge and poise compared to the other agents we considered.

- Steve Davis (Seller)

Dear Cathy:

We want to express our sincerest appreciation for your help in selling our house. In a tough market you were able to bring in a number of qualified buyers which resulted in an amazing 3 offers within 30 days of listing. However, after discussions with you, we decided to decline these offers and hope for something better. This decision turned out to be the correct one since only 3 months later a buyer was found and a deal struck.

Throughout the transaction you were always there with answers when we had questions regarding the process, the real estate market in general, and our house in particular. The listing description and pictures on the Smothers website showed the house perfectly. You went the extra mile by bringing in an interior decorator and an architect to address some issues that arose. And on the day before closing, after we had already left town, you persuaded your husband to do a little “remodeling” to comply with a last minute request after the buyer walk-through. This was above and beyond the call of duty!

It was a pleasure working with you on this transaction. If you are ever in the Charlotte area please look us up!


- Steve and Jill (Sellers)

We turned to Cathy after my father's home failed to sale in the slow market, under another agency.  Cathy's help in deciding on and managing some redecorating and relatively simple renovations made a huge difference in the marketability of the home.  She greatly reduced the stress level and we consider her help (and great attitude) invaluable.  The house sold immediately after we followed her advise.


- Marianne Gellatly-Brackey (Seller)

Cathy is incredibly dedicated, professional and patient!  We would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

- Britt & Patrick McNichols (Buyers)

Cathy is the ultimate real estate professional. She has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the business.  She asks appropriate questions to elicit the clients' thoughts and then develops a strategy to creatively market the property via multiple venues. Cathy's guidance and advice are invaluable.  We trusted her judgement implicitly and in return she respected our opinions. She communicated with us frequently by email and phone and actively followed up with other agents after every showing. Even in a declining market, Cathy maintains her enthusiasm and optimism and she encourages her clients to do the same.  Cathy truly provides exceptional service.

- Steve & Mary Kowal (Sellers)

We were very satisfied with the service Cathy provided us in selling our home in La Grange Park. She kept our home listed continuously on the Internet and kept us informed of any changes or concerns either by phone or e-mail.

Even during the slow housing market, she continued to have a positive attitude in selling our home. We were very happy to have her as our agent.


- Pat and Jim Ruzicka (Sellers)

Cathy was very professional, accessible, and knowledgeable. She represented us very well, was dedicated and dependable. Her expertise and knowledge about real estate was very reassuring during these unpredictable economic times.

Her demeanor is very sweet and approachable. Nothing was too much of an effort for her. She is a member of the community and is well liked - and most of all - trusted. When we needed assistance with finding an attorney, electrician or inspector, she gave us suggestions. She was always patient and explained matters thoroughly. She’s fantastic!!!!!

- Chris & Sheila Kurt (Sellers)

Cathy did an excellent job not only marketing our mom’s condo but also at communicating with us – her five children - regularly. At the onset, Cathy provided us with a thorough market report and was able to provide knowledgeable insight we trusted. The approach promised when we first went with her was the one she followed with precision.

In addition, we felt the staging consultant’s services where invaluable and a service which set Cathy apart. Further, we appreciated that she proactively communicated with us between offers not just when they came in.

- The Stegeman Family (Sellers)


We just wanted to say what a great job you did in listing & selling our home. You really went the extra mile to get it done. We appreciate the effort.

Thanks so much. We’re happy to be a reference for you anytime.

All the best,

- The Shannons (Sellers)

Cathy had a great marketing plan for the house – totally covered all bases. She kept me informed. The house sold in 3 days. I trusted her judgment and experience completely.


- Pam Ferris (Seller)

Dear Cathy:

We wanted to write you a letter and express our sincere appreciation for your help and guidance in finding us the perfect home in La Grange.

We were very impressed by your professionalism as well as your knowledge of the market place. We were very happy with your immediate response to homes that were either on the market or came on the market that met our needs and within our price range. It was very comforting to know that you were looking out for our best interests and finding us the perfect home. There was never any pressure to make a decision on purchasing a home. Once we found our home, your reference for a finance company was outstanding and very helpful in securing a mortgage.

While we were under a lot of pressure and stress while making the decision to purchase this home, you were always available to answer our questions and address our concerns.

Thank you for making this experience a pleasant one. We wish you much success in the future.

Best Wishes,

- Dan and Tiffany Stoffer (Buyers)


Please accept our much-belated thank you for the beautiful watercolor painting of our wonderful new home. The artist did a gorgeous job of capturing the “charm” (but we’re not biased, right?!)!  It looks lovely in our foyer. Also- Congratulations on beingagain named  the #1 agent in La Grange and La Grange Park. You are truly a remarkable resource & representative for newcomers to this area.


- Brechen, Sean & Owen (Buyers)

Dear Cathy,

Just a quick note to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us close on the sale of our old home and purchase of our new home. We are really happy with our new place – it’s still a mess of boxes but we’ll get there – especially with the help of the Container Store!

Cathy you were so wonderful to us and your follow-up on everything was amazing. I am so happy that out of our business relationship we have also become friends. I’m counting on hitting the Dinner Club with you in the near future!

Thanks again for everything,


- Julie Workman (Buyer & Sellers) 


It was a pleasure dealing with you. We both felt you were very professional and yet caring throughout the entire process. You were proactive and on top of the issues at all times. We felt you always had our best interest at heart. Thanks for making the process as stress-free as possible. Hope to see you soon!

- Jack and Liz Williams (Buyers)

It was an absolute pleasure working with Cathy. She was always pleasant and professional. In particular, she was responsive to our needs and concerns. She gave feedback in a timely manner. Cathy sold our house in three weeks which culminated in a multiple offer situation. She handled negotiations very professionally and successfully. We are very thankful that we chose Cathy as our agent.


- Dina & Carmelo Torrisi (Sellers)

Our experience with Cathy was phenomenal. She introduced us to the community, gave us a comprehensive view of our options and never hurried us. Once we chose a home she helped us with our negotiations and went above and beyond the call of duty in advocating for us with the home builder. We truly felt that we had excellent representation in this process. We are very grateful to have had a chance to work with her and appreciate her navigating us through what can be a complex and often nerve wracking process.

- Michael and Maria Boisvert (Buyers)

Cathy is outstanding. We have bought and sold before, and before meeting Cathy.  We will never again make any transition without her. Cathy has an incredible ability in her listening skills. It sounds like such a simple statement, yet it is critical to her success. She takes the time to truly understand what the client wants, and then works tirelessly to identify prospective properties to meet that need. Many say they can do this, but in reality very FEW deliver. Cathy Delivers!

Her guidance in the sale of our existing home helped us sell in 8 days. She provides advice and consultation that I know was paramount in the quick sale of our home. She is an excellent agent, professional and person, and it’s these attributes that combine to make her such a pleasure to work with. We refer Cathy to everyone.


- Megan and Gene Marino (Sellers)

Cathy is an excellent real estate agent. She is not pushy and she looks out for the best interests of her clients. After working with us for a little bit she gained a good understanding of the type of house we were looking for. In fact, the minute this house came on the market she went & scoped it out & called us immediately to encourage us to see it. Cathy is a straight-shooter, which we greatly appreciated, and has a very good knowledge of real estate in the western suburbs. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

- Kerri & Keith Watson  (Buyers)

My husband Dave and I had a wonderful experience with Cathy Bier as our agent. She was quick to call back and attentive to our needs/requests. I would recommend Cathy to anyone looking to buy a home.

- Carolyn & Dave Ferguson (Buyers)

It was a pleasure working with Cathy. She was available day or night. Great agent to work with. My husband & I are very happy we used Cathy & Smothers Realty Group! Thanks Again Cathy for all your help with selling our La Grange condo.

- Renee N. (Seller)

Cathy Bier is the ultimate professional. Smart, honest, organized and classy. It’s no wonder that she is one of the top agents in La Grange.

I’ve told everyone who asks how we could have possibly sold our home in this market, that “…if Cathy Bier can’t sell it, no one can sell it!” She is the best, and we wish her wonderful business for the future.

- Pam & John Cianci (Sellers)

Cathy was resilient and determined to find us a great home. She had the ability to assess our needs and communicate effectively. Cathy is also such a sweet and caring person. Would recommend her to any family looking to buy a home!

We are grateful for Cathy’s help and can’t wait to refer her to others. She’s the best.

- Dan and Karen Pansing (Buyers)

Cathy was wonderful to work with – she very quickly understood exactly what we were looking for and helped us get it (even though it technically wasn’t available!) She was very accommodating and helped us with anything we asked.

- Ron & Rebecca Davies (Buyers)

Cathy was wonderful to work with. She is very professional, thorough & experienced in all that she does. We were selling our home in a very challenging market and she was great in keeping us informed & ensured our home received as much visibility as possible. We also liked obtaining the timely feedback received from showings. Cathy did a superb job and I would definitely recommend her to others.

- Stuart & Kim Gilchrist (Sellers)

We had a wonderful experience working with Cathy. She was confident, professional and very personal. She knows her business well and you feel you are in good hands from day 1. 

She also goes beyond the expected to help with all the little things that come up while trying to sell a home - especially if you move out before the sale.

Thanks Cathy!

- Kristen & Matt Wise (Sellers)

It was a very good experience for me to work with Cathy.  Her professionalism and knowledge helped to sell my home faster than I expected. 

- Agustina Doherty (Seller)

Occasionally in life you have the opportunity to work with someone who is so professional, so thorough and so dedicated to their profession that you have no doubt that they are the best at what they do.  Cathy is one of those people!

- Andy & Julie Bryant (Buyers & Sellers)

We would strongly recommend Cathy to our friends and family.  Cathy quickly determined our likes/dislikes and always used our time wisely.  She asked good questions and took a strong interest in our search.  She returned all of our phone calls/emails promptly without fail.  She helped us negotiate our home purchase while on her family’s summer vacation – demonstrating how much she goes beyond the typical call of duty for her clients.  Her knowledge of the market was truly amazing and led us to a home we are truly excited about.  Thanks for everything, Cathy!

- John & Dawn Collins (Buyers)

Cathy was simply the best.  Her professionalism, responsiveness and knowledge of – and feel for – the market made it possible for us to put our home on the market in May; sell it in June; buy a beautiful home in July and move into it in August – just in time to get our kids back to school in a new district.  Cathy exceeded our expectations! 

- Anna & Steve Eich (Buyers & Sellers)

We had a terrific experience working with Cathy!  From beginning (help with staging the house) until the end ( dealing with last minute closing issues), Cathy was an absolute professional.  She is very knowledgeable, honest, helpful, caring and kind - not common traits when working with real estate professionals.  Overall an excellent experience - we highly recommend her.

- Amy & Ben Wiginton (Sellers)

Cathy was beyond great to work with.  We were moving from Chicago to the suburbs and Cathy was very helpful in assisting us with our home search.  She was always available and accommodating when we wanted to look at a house and would offer to take us to several houses over a weekend’s time.  Cathy was extremely patient and wonderful to work with during the purchase process - over a year and a half from start to finish.  We would most definitely work with Cathy again and would highly recommend her to friends.  Her knowledge of real estate was invaluable! 

- Kelly & Paul Asseff (Buyers)

Cathy Bier is the finest realtor we have ever come across.  When all was done and the deal was closed, we agreed that the smartest decision we made was to ask her to help us sell our house.  She was honest, kind, helpful and understanding.  Even if we worried, Cathy remained positive.  We have already referred her to others.

- Larry & Pat Dalsin (Sellers)

Cathy helped tremendously with determining the right price for my home.  She staged the home beautifully and the website pictures were outstanding.  I couldn’t believe it sold in less than six weeks.  Thank you, Cathy, for helping make a difficult move so much easier! 

- Paula Timmerman (Seller)

Cathy, we just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us during the sale of our house. Although it was rarely “easy” you were with us every step of the way.  It meant a great deal to know we were being represented by you.  Your expertise, confidence and opinions were always appreciated.  We wish you all the best. 

- Maria & John Wegener (Sellers)

Cathy is amazingly responsive, flexible and reliable.  She's always prepared and is passionate about her profession and community.  Her market overviews, comparables and property marketing approach was not only presented well, it was executed well.  Cathy delivers! 

- Jack Staehler (Seller)

Wonderful!  Cathy was professional, dependable and a pleasure to deal with.  She was always available by phone or text and kept us informed at all times.  I could not have had a more pleasant experience with a difficult task in the current market.

- Sharon Cieslak (Seller)

Cathy is really the best.  Without her our dream of downsizing and rehabbing would have never happened.  It was so wonderful working with her. 

- Greg & Meghen Hess (Buyers & Sellers)

I found Cathy to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the real estate market and what it takes to sell a home.  She helped with everything from staging to landscaping to making sure the selling process went smoothly and efficiently.  She even helped when an unexpected home repair needed to be done.  She was also an incredible help when it came to the closing and making sure the buyer was prepared.  My only regret is now that the sale is over I won’t get to see and talk with her that much.  I would definitely refer her to others.

- Jim Mulvaney (Seller)

Cathy did an amazing job for us.  My father-in-law previously used her for two other properties to buy and sell and suggested her to us for our home sale.  We were very pleased with all her hard work and efforts to get our home sold very quickly!  Thanks a million! 

- Ryan & Dianna Ford (Sellers)

House number three with Cathy.  She is professional, knowledgeable, personable but above all, effective.

- Anthony Uhrick (Seller)

Thank you!  We love our new place and couldn’t have had an easier time with a Realtor.  You took extra time with us when we needed it.  The transition from the city to La Grange was made easier in part because you know the town so well and could point out things that we couldn’t have known on our own such as what to expect for the price we wanted to spend, what to expect from a seller, etc.  We really appreciated your guidance! 

- Beth Holland & Dan Unangst (Buyers)

Cathy was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.  We felt like we were dealing with a seasoned professional who gave us confidence through every step of the process.  Specifically, her knowledge of the market was extremely valuable in how we priced our home and how we handled the offer, counter-offer process.  We also feel that the tips on staging our home were a big factor in getting an offer after only one day on the market.  We highly recommend working with Cathy.

- Jeremy & Denise Huth (Sellers)

Cathy, your expertise and obvious ability to succeed in real estate is frankly an art form and it was a delight to work with you. You strike the perfect chord with your clients - professionally and personally. We consider ourselves fortunate to have experienced the "Cathy Bier magic"!

- Kerry & Sean Forsythe (Buyers & Sellers)

We loved working with Cathy!  She is thorough, prompt and shows great attention to detail.  We were always confident that she was looking out for our best interest.  We look forward to working with her again in the future.

- Bob & Mindy Ferguson (Sellers)

We can't express enough how much we enjoyed working with Cathy!  She exceeded our expectations and more. We were selling our condo in the city with a different Realtor while working with Cathy searching for our dream house in the suburbs. The difference between the two was like night and day. Cathy was definitely a breath of fresh air. She listened to our needs and wants and went out of her way in every aspect of the home buying process. She always returned our phone calls and emails right away and never hesitated to answer any questions we had. We cannot say enough about her professionalism, knowledge and patience. We could not have asked for more in a Realtor and will refer her to family, friends and anyone else that will listen! 

- Thomas & Jennifer Walsh (Buyers)

Cathy is fantastic!  She was both my buying and selling agent. She is extremely knowledgeable and works tirelessly on your behalf. HIGHLY recommended!!!

- Cindy Jacisin (Buyer and Seller)

Cathy was very helpful through all steps of the process! She acted professionally but also made a personal connection. There are somany factors that go into buying a home - Cathy made sure that we weighed all our options and thouroughly considered various pros and cons of each property we looked at. Her availability and genuiness made the whole process as stress-free as possible. We would not use anyone else if we ever have the need for real estate help in the future and recommend her without hesitation.

- Tim & Cosimire Gorman (Buyers)

Dear Cathy,

We want to express our gratitude for all you have done in helping us sell our home and find a new home. We could not have been happier with your extraordinary services in every aspect of the process of selling and buying a house.

We knew you were going to be the perfect realtor when we interviewed you among a number of others because you showed genuine interest and excitement to sell our home. We were impressed with your professionalism and extensive knowledge of the market place. We were pleased with the quality and quantity of marketing you had done for our house. Listing it as a “Featured Home” on your site as well as numerous other websites, providing Realtor and public open houses, the list goes on. You were so thorough in helping us to prepare the house to put it on the market and it made us feel great that you were as excited about it as we were.

Who would have thought it would have sold in just 11 days- and in this market too! We know it wouldn’t have sold so quickly without all of your work.

You were terrific in helping us find a new house too. We had many questions and you were there to answer every call we put in to you, sometimes, a number of calls a day. You had extensive resources readily available who were eager to offer assistance, estimates or recommendations for us in everything from roofing details, home inspectors, to contractors for remodeling estimates, and even chimney experts.

We know you have a great number of clients that you work with, but you made us feel that we were always your priority. We are so happy in our new home and we are grateful to you for helping us get here. You are truly the best at what you do and we will continue to recommend you to everyone we know.

With much gratitude,

- Celine & Tinsley Hill (Buyers & Sellers)

I live in Texas and needed to sell my late mother’s home in La Grange Park. Cathy was my trusted selling agent. She went above and beyond anything that I had expected in a selling agent. She helped with lawn service, gutter service, attorney recommendations and even helped get rid of a chipmunk that snuck inside the vacant house!  She monitored the house closely and even called me while she was out of town on vacation.

Her advice on pricing and the local market was right on target.  She explained everything and answered any questions that my wife or I threw at her.  Cathy took the worry out of a difficult situation. I am truly thankful to have had the pleasure of working with her on the sale of my mom’s house.  She was a Godsend and most importantly got the house sold in about 90 days – in a lousy housing market.

Thank you Cathy!  I’d recommend you to anyone looking to sell real estate in your area!    

- Bob Matoush (Seller)

I am completely satisfied with the services provided by Cathy.  She was always professional, thorough and attentive to all details. I would definitely suggest Cathy as an agent to anyone buying and/or selling. 

- Marcia Petricig (Seller)

We’d lived in the city for 11+ years, had a baby and decided we wanted to move to the suburbs.  We were interested in the western suburbs and had heard good things about Smothers Realty.  We read Cathy’s bio and met with her in order to get a better feel for the western suburbs and what we could get for our money.  Cathy was AMAZING!!  She is so knowledgeable and so wonderful to work with!  We have already referred her to our city friends who are making the move to the suburbs. 


- Loren & Erin Raber (Buyer)

Cathy is very professional and knowledgeable.  She kept me informed and was available whenever I needed her advice.  I made the right choice! 

- Robert Rath (Seller)

I enjoyed working with Cathy.  She went the extra mile to find me the place that met my specifications.  She also helped quite a bit with issues during negotiations and inspections. 

- Doug Kieso (Buyer)

Working with Cathy was a great experience! She was very knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process.  She responded quickly and informatively to our questions.  Cathy was also a great negotiator, and knew all comparable sales in the area.  We really enjoyed Cathy and would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Scott & Leah Benton (Buyers)

Great to work with, very friendly and professional!  We got everything we wanted: fast sale and good price.

- Sara and Matt Nalbach (Sellers)

It was a very positive experience working with Cathy.  I interviewed a number of Realtors before selecting her and after speaking with her references it became clear that she was the agent for us.  Many advise listening to your agent and the staging advisor but Cathy listened to us and considered our portion in the whole process.

She is professional yet personable.  She was always available by phone or in person whenever we needed her advice.  She has a keen sense of the market and potential buyers. 

Cathy has the “X” factor – that small difference in support and attention that is the difference between average and superior.  She is a real pro and a very nice person as well – a great but rare combination  She was the key difference in the sale of our home!


- Don & Marilyn Heneghan (Sellers)   

Cathy was an amazing buyer’s agent.  She was very patient and really listened to our needs.  Cathy did not waste our time showing us homes that did not meet our criteria, every trip from the city was productive and efficient.

- Linda Durack (Buyer)


Thanks so much for all your hard work!  You are really and truly the best.  We would recommend you to anyone – and hope from a personal point of view that we stay in touch. 

- Beverly & John Nachtrieb (Sellers)

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